I wish to endorse Evelyn as a life coach and would giver her the highest recommendation. I was coached by Evelyn beginning in March 2018 and can only describe the outcome as life changing in a uniquely positive way. Evelyn inspired, encouraged and facilitated my entering into a new and exciting chapter in my life. Her positivity and obvious passion for her life’s vocation is both inspirational and endearing. Her exuberance is tempered by being grounded and her coaching is always relevant to coping with the stresses and anxieties of modern day life. I was very thankful to have been coached by Evelyn and would have no hesitation in endorsing her to anyone. I also thank the person who put me in touch with this life changing woman.

Sean, County Tyrone

Evelyn is an outstanding spiritual coach, warm, friendly and so insightful. Evelyn’s encouragement, guidance & gentle nudges are just a few things that make her special, she is not only an extraordinary coach but also a beautiful kind person who wants the best for everyone she meets.

Paddy, County Carlow

Can I just say that Life Coaching is fantastic….not to sound too dramatic but it has been life changing for me. The single biggest thing it has taught me is to be clear. Be clear about what you want in this life. Only then will you know what you’re aiming for. Coaching helped me to leave a job that cost me my health last Summer. It helped me get a fabulous new job where I’m respected & rewarded for my good work. It even helped me negotiate shorter working hours…something I wouldn’t have dared asked for previously! My stress levels have fallen so much. Thank you Evelyn McAleer & thank you Universe. No one is a mind reader…be clear about what YOU want…then ASK for It! To the person reading this comment…Here’s to your success!

Eileen, County Kerry

I had the pleasure of receiving coaching from Evelyn McAleer and I have to say I wouldn’t be the person l’am today if it wasn’t for her coaching. Before coaching my confidence was low, and I was really lost. thanks to Evelyn I was able to lift the blockages that was stopping me for achieving my goals. Now I feel so confident in my professional and personal life, my anxiety is under control and my overall wellness is so good I am like a new women, I cannot recommend this special lady highly enough she is so good in what she does.

Aine, County Limerick

I was very fortunate to benefit from life coaching from Evelyn. Evelyn gave me the skills and techniques to alter my mindset. This change in my attitude and my openness to embrace alternative concepts, allowed me to make and to continue to make positive changes to my life. The increase in my confidence, my positivity and enthusiasm for life has shocked me. If you’re considering taking life coach sessions just do it. It was one of the best decisions I have made. Evelyn is truly gifted in life coaching and she will assist you in making the necessary changes to your life in a safe and caring environment.

Julie, County Tyrone

I have been suffering for years with anxiety and not having a purpose in life which Was completely stopping me reaching my full potential in my personal life and business . I spent thousands of euros on specialist from all over the world with absolutely no avail.
I felt like completely giving up on outside help.

Until I got recommended to Evelyn .
As soon as I started speaking to Evelyn i was greeted with a big warm friendly smile and made to feel so at ease and relaxed.

I have been speaking with Evelyn for 10 months so far and let me tell you right now this woman has magic in her . Evelyn is passionate about her work and treats her clients with the upmost care and love .

Now I am finally able to sleep properly and attack the day with energy and drive.

I’m eternally grateful to Evelyn for her expertise and loving nature.
I will be back next week for some more of that magic.

Thank you Evelyn !!!
You truly are the salt to the Earth

Nigel, County Dublin


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Evelyn McAleer

E-mail: evelyn@evelynmcaleer.com
Mobile: +447795523658
Address: Dungannon, County Tyrone, Ireland

Evelyn is a qualified life coach & Louise Hay ‘heal your life’ coach.