What I Offer

One to One Coaching

Some of the reasons why people come to me for one to one coaching is either their self-worth is low or the challenge facing them is too high, self confidence is low or simply that they are stuck in a rut and need my help to bring about improvement and empowerment. Coaching is a one hour weekly session either in person or by video link where I will provide the tools, support and guidance to broaden your perspective and open your mind enabling you to reach your true potential.


In our seminars we cover topics such as mindfulness, health & wellbeing, becoming more confident and self worth. Intimate gatherings where the audience can participate with their thoughts or questions for the evening.



Jeff O’Driscoll M.D. & Best Selling Author

Every soul has a path. And every path, like every soul, is different. Evelyn McAleer found her effortless path. Now she helps others find theirs. Though counterintuitive to many, the struggle to find one’s authentic path often concludes with a realization of effortlessly moving toward wholeness and peace. In her book, Effortless, Evelyn guides each reader to honor their intuition and move effortlessly toward their true self.

‘A Life You Want’

A beautiful little book full of wonderful stories of clients I have worked with that has manifested amazing experiences, prosperity and happiness into their lives. I wanted everyone to know that they have the power within themselves to bring about the lives they want.

Night Time Meditation

Do you have difficulties falling asleep? Is your body tired and the mind just won’t switch off? Are you worried, fearful or anxious at this time?
I have personally recorded a 4 minute night time meditation. It has helped a lot of people. Fall asleep with my voice for £2. To receive yours simply send me an email.

Clients Feedback

‘Omg forgot to tell you I fell asleep before the meditation ended I have never ever done that. It was brill absolutely brill’

‘Il be using it every night. I’m such a terrible sleeper and I was out like a light‘

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Evelyn McAleer

E-mail: evelyn@evelynmcaleer.com
Mobile: +447795523658
Address: Dungannon, County Tyrone, Ireland

Evelyn is a qualified life coach & Louise Hay ‘heal your life’ coach.