My story

Evelyn McAleer

Evelyn lives in the beautiful countryside of County Tyrone in Ireland. A mother of three Evelyn believes that children can be our greatest teachers and from her example of living a life she loves her own children will learn from her and carry it through to their own lives and the next generation.

She is blessed with a life she has manifested for herself and through this learning she will help you bring that about in your own life.

She began her life of purpose through dance; a journey that ignited a flame within her that she never knew existed.

“I don’t believe we need to compete, there is abundance for everyone. Always do your best and be happy in that knowing.”

A university graduate in Accountancy & Business admittingly it was never her passion, however has served her well prior to living the life she dreamt of.
Travelling to London & Dublin she obtained her certification in dance and from that creating her own unique business attending schools throughout the country dancing with children, she also spends her days dancing with people of all age groups and finally opening her own studio.

Knowing and feeling there was much more she wanted to give to others Evelyn discovered this could be made possible through life coaching. Travelling to the beautiful sunny island of Lanzarote it was there she received her unique personal training with coach4life.

“I have always been so blessed on my journey to have been graced with the most special, gifted, spiritual and intelligent people, they have help guide me to where I am today. I know what it has felt like to be in a state of despair and I also know what it has felt like to be cared for and guided as a client and that is what I want to bring to each and every one of my clients, care and guidance.”

Evelyn is a qualified life coach & Louise Hay ‘heal your life’ coach. Inspirational public speaker and author of  “A life you want” and “Effortless”.

“I am making it my mission to help as many people as possible who want my help. I want to help you have the life you may think is impossible. Manifesting is for everyone. You have all the power & magnificence within you to bring about a life of love, joy, happiness, health & money. I have been blessed with a knowing from a young age that there is much more to this life. I have felt it and have always been curious about finding out more. Through time, learning, listening, meeting people and my own experiences the bits of the jigsaw have all been pieced together. With what I know & believe to be the truth for all, now is the time that every one of you and all my clients knew what powerful spiritual beings you really are.”

“Dance is the purest expression of every emotion earthly & spiritual”
Anna Pavlova


My free gift to you

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Evelyn McAleer

Mobile: +447795523658
Address: Dungannon, County Tyrone, Ireland

Evelyn is a qualified life coach & Louise Hay ‘heal your life’ coach.