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“Effortless” Book

Jeff O’Driscoll M.D. & Best Selling Author

Every soul has a path. And every path, like every soul, is different. Evelyn McAleer found her effortless path. Now she helps others find theirs. Though counterintuitive to many, the struggle to find one’s authentic path often concludes with a realization of effortlessly moving toward wholeness and peace. In her book, Effortless, Evelyn guides each reader to honor their intuition and move effortlessly toward their true self.

“A Life You Want” Book

Life coach Evelyn McAleer explains how to create the life you want. With a mixture of humour and specific examples from her own and other people’s lives, she gets the message across that what we want is already out there in the One Great Universal Energy we call God, just waiting to be delivered to us. BUT! We have to draw it to ourselves; we have to attract it to ourselves by putting out the right thoughts and feelings. That’s the secret! And when you understand the secret, you have cracked the code of drawing abundance, joy, peace and happiness into your life. Remember, be patient, take inspired action and do what makes your heart sing!

Do you have abundance blocks?

Do you sometimes feel that you are being held back from greater wealth and success?

How would it make you feel if you were able to manifest your deepest desire?

Do you feel lack of confidence in areas of your life?

How would it make you feel to able to deal with situations and change your life with more confidence? You will be a much happier person.

Do you have low or no self worth?

You will be full of self love. People will see the love radiate from you.

Do you want to get rid of the negative thoughts?

You will begin to see people and situations totally different. With your new positive attitude you will get to choose how you want to experience your life.

Do you want to achieve more in your life?

You will awaken everyday with an excitement of what is to come. A life that you have dreamt of, a life that will be to your choosing.

Do you have very little or no inner contentment and peace?

You will be connected to the most powerful source. You will experience a love like no other. You will be at peace, any worries are easily resolved. You will go about your everyday in a calmer state.

What some of my clients have to say.

“Out of all the courses which I have been on and they have been plentiful, I have found that your courses have been the best I have ever done. By following all of the steps you put in place Evelyn and more importantly the personal call up with me to ask if you could help me you really have no idea the magnificent impact it has had on my life. The money that I have been manifesting just keeps coming and coming I am absolutely astonished and astounded with the results your courses have brought about for me.”

— Vera, Co.Tyrone

“I have only known Evelyn for a few weeks , in that short space of time I have found her to be enlightened and enlightening I have thoroughly enjoyed the course I have done, I see the world through different eyes noticing things now that have passed me by for years” 

— Maura, Co.Tyrone

“I have stayed on your courses because I trust you. You make everything easy to understand without the BS. I have been manifesting such greatness into my life effortlessly.”

— Vera, Co.Tyrone

“I felt a connection to you when we first met. Your guidance & fantastic approach to life is why I signed up for your course”

— Paddy, Co.Carlow
Evelyn McAleer

E-mail: evelyn@evelynmcaleer.com
Mobile: +447795523658
Address: Dungannon, County Tyrone, Ireland

Evelyn is a qualified life coach & Louise Hay ‘heal your life’ coach.