Life Coaching

Do you ever get the niggling feeling that you should follow through on something but the fear has practically paralyzed you and somewhere in the depths of your being there is a voice screaming just go and do it?

I had heard of Life Coaching but never knew much about it all I knew was that I could help people if I was a life coach. There was no one I knew of that was a life coach so I took to the internet to try and find someone who could help me. I sent out a few emails to different people the following day a lady by the name of Carolyn Curtis sent me a message to give her a call. Firstly sheer panic set in I actually went for a walk outside sat in my back garden and with all of the nerves spinning around inside me I managed to pluck up the courage to go phone her. I remembered the first question she asked me “Why do you want to be a life coach?” and with that one question I knew this is the lady that will help me. We never spoke about money or what is was all about until she knew that I was the right type of person she could train to be a coach. There were so many things that could have stopped me and money was one but thank goodness for our wonderful credit unions to help the people help themselves. I was gifted with a very special person the day my path crossed with Carolyns.

I began my online training and in November 2016 I flew out to train with Carolyn one to one from her beautiful home in Lanzarote. I remember sitting and crying on her balcony because I believed at that time I wasn’t good enough, that none of what she was teaching me was sinking in, I felt so stupid and not deserving.

One year exactly on in November 2017 myself and Carolyn happened to be on the island of Tenerife at the same time. Even thinking about it now I get goose bumps, she rang me and said “I am driving down to meet you and I have something to give you” it was my Diploma, once again I cried, tears of joy and love this time, what a magical moment that was for both of us. I have certainly been blessed with wonderful people in my life, I want to dedicate this blog to not only my coach she was my mother that I no longer had with me, she lovingly took me through the start of my journey to help me help people bring about change in their lives. Thank you Carolyn x